I've been blessed with brilliant co-writers through the years. Here are the results of our collaborations.

Accidental Date (48K)
With Cybill, FatCat, Song, Carma, Xfilesopus, and Donnilee
Categories: Collaborations, G to PG-13
Classification: MSR
Summary: Sometimes good things happen by accident.

Bare Ruin'd Choirs (84K) {External Link}
With The Secret Squirrels
Categories: Collaborations, Companion Fics, Established MSR, G to PG-13
Classification: MSR
Summary: Marriage is more than a union of bodies, minds, and hearts. It is a joining of souls.
Awards: 2002 Spooky Awards 2nd Place Collaboration, 2nd Place tie Non-NC-17 MSR,
3rd Place tie Midlength Story, 3rd Place Apocolypse/Post-Colonization, Honorable Mention Use of Mytharc,
Honorable Mention Reyes Characterization, Honorable Mention Other Series Character

Diamond Dick Mulder: An Accidental Round Robin (94K) {External Link}
With The Fandomonium Mostly-Over-the-Hill Gang
Categories: Collaborations, Mulder Torture, R to NC-17
Classification: AU, XF/western badfic Crossover
Summary: The men all thought his nickname was because of his fancy clothes and diamond stick pin.
The women all knew better.

Love Among The Ruins (124K) {External Link}
With The Secret Squirrels
Categories: Collaborations, Companion Fics, Established MSR, R to NC-17
Classification: MSR, sequel to Bare Ruin'd Choirs
Summary: Newlyweds Mulder and Scully have a mere 48 hours to enjoy their honeymoon before
they must return to real life. With little William at grandma's, our heroes lock themselves away for
two days of connubial bliss.
Awards: 2002 Spookys Honorable Mention Long Story, Honorable Mention Collaboration

On His Toes (25K)
With bellefleur
Categories: Collaborations, G to PG-13, Gift Fics
Classification: Humor, Undercover, emotional MT
Summary: "What is it with women and shoes, anyway?"

Process of Elimination series {External Link}
With XochiLuvr
Categories: Collaborations, Established MSR, R to NC-17, Series Fics
Classification: Vignette, Humor, Scully POV
Summary: Variety is the spice of life.

While Daring Greatly (21K)
With Dan Walker
Categories: Collaborations, Companion Fics, G to PG-13, Mulder Torture
Classification: Post-Col, 3rd Person Narration, prequel to Still Bravely Singing
Summary: In a future we cannot see, the legacy of two people is kept alive through the simplest means.

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