the Chip Off the Old Block series

Blame this one on mr. mims. While talking about baby William, he suggested that maybe his abilities didn't come from the aliens. It took me a while to run out of story ideas.

Chip Off The Old Block (13K)
Summary: Charlie Scully visits his sister, meeting his new nephew and catching up on what he's been missing. But there are some things about her baby brother even Dana Scully doesn't know.

Chip Off the Old Block II: Serendipity (15K)
Summary: Mulder and Charlie are bonding over a basketball game. What can go wrong, you ask? They're about to find out.

Chip Off the Old Block III: Veracity (17K)
Summary: Scully learns something she didn't know about her younger brother. But is she ready to believe?

Chip Off the Old Block IV: Duplicity (62K)
Summary: Mulder and Scully are finally coming to terms with the truth about William and Charlie. Now they just have to keep Bill Jr. from finding out.

Chip Off the Old Block V: Felicity (38K)
Summary: There's a perfect someone for everyone, they say.

Chip Off the Old Block VI: Sagacity (11K)
Summary: "Wisdom lies not in reason but in love." Andre Gide

Chip Off the Old Block

Honorable Mention Outstanding Kidfic

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