Searching & Saving at AO3

I frequently hear from Philes who are having trouble at Archive of Our Own (AO3) finding
what they want to read. It's really not that hard once you know how the site works. And
downloading stories is easy, too. But just in case you're like me and need an occasional
reminder, here you go.


From the main page at Archive of Our Own, you can find stories in any number of genres. For The X-Files, go to the TV Shows link in the left side bar. On the next page, click the X, then find the show in the list. There are a few thousand stories there, so lots to choose from.

From here, you can search on the author's name, title, or tags using the search bar at the top. Even using an author name that you're not sure is on AO3 could get you some hits if their old stories were uploaded with the original headers intact, because the system will pick up any instances of that name, whether it's the one they post with here or not. Then you can click on the author name to find more stories by the same person. Or use the Sort and Filter option on the right to pick stories by character, rating, categories that include slash, and quite a few other options.

Really. It's just that easy.


Once you've found a story you want to download, this part is even easier.

Open the story link, then click the Download link in the upper right corner. You'll get the choice of Mobi, EPub, PDF, or HTML. For Kindle, choose Mobi. Now, either plug your Kindle into the computer and save it directly to your device, or put it in a folder on your computer to move later. Then plug your Kindle into the computer and look for it in available devices. Open it and drag the file directly from your computer into the Kindle storage.

For other types of devices, choose a different format that matches the device.

That's it! Hopefully that was helpful to at least one person. Happy ficcing at AO3!

The X-Files belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and FOX.
No copyright infringement is intended, no monetary profit is made.